Anirudh Sharma

Major League Hacking Fellow, Web Lead at GDSC DTU

Pre-Final Year B.Tech Undergraduate at Delhi Technological University

  • Machine Learning for Next-Gen Web Applications
Anish Kumar

Senior Architect with a focus on Digital & Cloud Transformation.

  • Hybrid Kubernetes Cluster Management with Anthos
Ankit Kumar Singh

FullStack web and mobile app developer.
Currently working as a Tech Lead for Verto, with an expertise in Javascript/Typescript.

  • Building Microfrontend web application using Angular
Ashish Tiwari

Having experience in Software & Email Industry. Currently, I am working as a Senior Developer Advocate, India at Elastic.

Started journey with Software Engineer. Throughout the journey, I got the opportunity to work with great minds on various stacks, databases & programming languages. Worked with various types of use cases and contributed to solutions.

I have been wearing multiple hats as a startup guy so got a chance to work on system design, scaling, system architect, coding, maintenance, customer support & tickets, etc. It was not just tech but also marketing & Community engagement.

I am an Open Source fan & Love to contribute to the community. I like to speak about tech.

In my spare time, I like to do some R&Ds, Watch Netflix :D, Blogging.

  • Getting started with Elastic using GCP
Ashok Vishwakarma

GDE Web Technologies, Driving tech for products used and loved by millions of people, acquired a sound knowledge of Web Technologies, System Design, Performance, Database, Cloud, and Tools. Speaks at tech conferences, writes blogs, and contributes to Open Source.

  • A deep dive into Design System
Ayushi Gupta

Ayushi Gupta


Here's who I am & what I do

I thrive to create all kinds of application solutions for android mobile and TV with my code wand. I can be found coding a new world to solve any snag in this ever-changing fast-paced life.

I like to take up challenges and solve them with impactful solutions. So feel free to connect and we can figure out some solutions together.

  • A small leak can sink a great ship
Jai Kumar Dewani

Graduate from IIIT Naya Raipur.
Working with .NET, C# at Carl Zeiss.

Really loves React <3

  • Git - Under the hood
Joshua Poddoku

Joshua is a Developer Evangelist at Merico and Lead Developer Evangelist for Apache DevLake. Joshua has experience driving successful community initiatives and is also an advisor to several startups driven by developer communities. Joshua's academic background is in Computer Science, with an additional experience in Leadership, Public Speaking, and open-source technologies. Joshua's work has been featured in top newsletters and events in the space. He has also hosted various podcasts and panels with open-source leaders and creators. He is passionate about mentorship and driving career success and personal growth for young professionals in open-source.

  • Thinking about Productivity with Google Cloud's DORA and Apache DevLake
Kartikey Rawat

SIG & WG Member of TFJS|Founder OpInCo Community | GitHub Campus Expert 🚩| GOLD MLSA

  • WebML : Tensorflow.js
Kunal Agrawal

Learning tech to solve problems, I love to develop web apps. Deploying and maintaining that application is the most interesting part of it. I started learning about web development in the past 2 years. with the Internet, I get huge exposure to development and different tech stacks like the MERN stack, Firebase, Cloud, and many more.

  • Ease of application building with Firebase.
Lesly Zerna

Tech educator.
International consultant in topics of: Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence.
Telecom Engineering with master in Computer Science.
Currently, leading innovation projects and teaching at local university.

  • Let's build AI products (and be responsible!)
Mohammad Yasin

I love to solve problems using technology that creates a significant impact on society.

  • JWT Login flow using Node.js

Mohit is Senior Frontend Engineer at Razorpay, currently working on their mobile app and GraphQL server. Apart from work, Mohit enjoys, Music and Trekking.

  • Improving GraphQL Client network performance
Mounica Narkedamilli

Mounica is a Systems Engineer at TCS with around 5 yrs of experience. She is also a Google developer group cloud Bangalore co-organizer and Women Tech Makers ambassador. And she spoke at multiple events about Data Science and blogs occasionally. And she also participated in multiple hackathons and won some. In her free time, she loves doing sketching and painting.

  • Data Science in its everyday form
Niket Jain

Associate Android developer at MutualMobile, loves building apps, games, and art.

  • Building Android widgets with Glance framework.
Prateek Kocher

I am a working professional at Amazon as an SDE with 4 years of experience in Android app development and 1 year of freelance as a full-stack android developer. I have worked in DL, specifically NLU and Image processing. I have worked as UI/UX designer for multiple Android projects and have also gained hands-on experience in video editing, 3D modeling, and animation.

  • Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile
Rohit Ghumare

I am a Developer advocate at, and a Community evangelist running Keep Up as well as the DevOps community to empower students as well as professionals to achieve success in their careers. I am actively participating in various conferences as a speaker and panelist to bring awareness around DevOps, Security, and Application networking.

  • ML Engineer goes DevOps via MLOps
Sagar Utekar

Sagar Utekar
Open-source Enthusiast
Site Reliability Engineer @VMWare Software India PVT. LTD.
Google Summer Of Code Admin, Mentor, Mentee
CKS | CKA | CKAD | Terraform certified
Mentored 5000+ students & professionals across India for Career Guidance, Job search, Open Source, Cloud Computing

  • The art of Googling and Life changing experience with Open Source
Sajan Kedia
  • B.Tech & M.Tech in CS from IIT Varanasi.
  • 9+ yrs Experience
  • Senior Engineering Manager, AdTech, Hotstar
  • Co-Founder, Maxtap Technologies.
  • ML lead, Myntra

  • Visiting faculty at IIIT Bangalore, Great Learning & Upgrad

  • Patent US & India titled "Personalized Discount Generation System & Method":

  • Multiple Research Papers published at KDD ML Conference:

  • Talk at Fifth Elephant, MLOps Conference:

  • Personalized Ads Targeting at Scale in Real-Time using ML Model
Shivay Lamba
  • WebML : Tensorflow.js
Shritesh Jamulkar

I am a Full Stack Developer at Samsung R&D Institute Banglore working in the Networks and OAM Team as a Full Stack developer in Spring-based web application. I am pursuing a Master's in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, specializing in Networking. I earned my bachelor's from the National Institute of Technology Raipur in Computer Science. I see myself as creative, approachable, and a good listener. I work hard and have many diverse interests outside of work. I am very curious about complex problems and enjoy solving challenging problems.

  • Unlocking the Power of Knowledge Graphs
Suvaditya Mukherjee

Suvaditya is a Technical Writer for Towards Data Science with over 3500+ views and a former Lead of the Google Developer Student Club at NMIMS MPSTME Mumbai. He also takes up volunteering opportunities at GDG Cloud Mumbai.
He is passionate about Deep Learning and how to bring it to the masses while scaling efficiently. He has worked on open-source projects like FaceX, and TheUpdateFramework and is currently working on other projects. He has researched areas like Medical image segmentation and classification using Deep Learning for Brain tumors.
He has also worked previously as a Software Engineer Intern at Mosaic Wellness, where he was responsible for designing and partially deploying an ML pipeline in production.

  • Accelerating Model deployment using Transfer Learning
Ujjwal Agrawal

Ujjwal is the Co-founder and CTO of CodeNicely, a premier mobile and web development company. CodeNicely is working on building digital products (Mobile apps and websites) in various sectors.

Ujjwal is also the CTO of GimBooks. GimBooks is helping MSMEs in India to easily manage their Accounting, Product Management. It has tens of thousands of daily active users on its platform using it's SaaS tools. It was selected in Y-combinator's W21 Batch.

Another product WedNicely App is an app to create amazing wedding invitation cards and videos for various occasions. It has over 1 million + downloads in the Google Play Store.

Ujjwal has worked on various technologies - Android, Backend, DevOps, and Cloud (GCP, AWS) during his work with CodeNicely, GimBooks, Walmart Labs, and Wikimedia Foundation. He loves learning new technologies and solving real-world problems.

  • Multi-Module Android App: Your friend to eliminate tech-debt in Android Apps
Vasundhara Shukla

Member of Technical Staff at VMware | GDG Lucknow Organiser | WTM Ambassador

  • Whats and Whys of Terraform?
Viren Khatri

Member & Contributor @ Flutter 💙
Software Engineer @ Amazon 📦
Livestreamer @ Youtube 📹
Find me everywhere as "werainkhatri" 🔎

  • Painting Pretty Pixels

Vishwas is a technophile who believes in "Security lies with the hands of implementors" and is a community advocate in a company called opstree where he practices shift left and guard right practices with a lot of DevOps practices and fundamentally understands that there is a need to change the way we think pipelines thus he believes that practices, when evolved in an organization, is a win-win situation for an organization.

  • Android Application Security Testing and Strategizing with DevOps
Vrihas Pathak

SDE @ Disney+ Hotstar, ex-Samsung.

  • Jetpack Compose in Android