Suvaditya Mukherjee

Suvaditya is a Technical Writer for Towards Data Science with over 3500+ views and a former Lead of the Google Developer Student Club at NMIMS MPSTME Mumbai. He also takes up volunteering opportunities at GDG Cloud Mumbai.
He is passionate about Deep Learning and how to bring it to the masses while scaling efficiently. He has worked on open-source projects like FaceX, and TheUpdateFramework and is currently working on other projects. He has researched areas like Medical image segmentation and classification using Deep Learning for Brain tumors.
He has also worked previously as a Software Engineer Intern at Mosaic Wellness, where he was responsible for designing and partially deploying an ML pipeline in production.

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Accelerating Model deployment using Transfer Learning
Suvaditya Mukherjee

In this session, see how you can go from training off-the-shelf, production-ready models to deploying them for consumption by users of your application

Machine Learning
D-2 (Vikram Sarabhai Room)