Mounica Narkedamilli

Mounica is a Systems Engineer at TCS with around 5 yrs of experience. She is also a Google developer group cloud Bangalore co-organizer and Women Tech Makers ambassador. And she spoke at multiple events about Data Science and blogs occasionally. And she also participated in multiple hackathons and won some. In her free time, she loves doing sketching and painting.

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Data Science in its everyday form
Mounica Narkedamilli

Understanding the domain is a key aspect of data science. But it should not stop you to get started with your data science journey. So in this talk, I will talk about how you can create your dataset about yourself of your day to day life, so that you will be able to start your data science journey without a hassle. And you can learn about yourself more ;-)

Machine Learning
D-2 (Vikram Sarabhai Room)