Android Application Security Testing and Strategizing with DevOps
2022-12-17, 16:30–17:15 (Asia/Kolkata), F-40

This is a talk that focuses on Android Application Security at the scale there is a human being in the loop and mistakes can happen, so in this talk, I will about how to stop Malicious code from being pushed to the Production or the Application in Use and Strategize testing and Application Security from the scratch.

This Talk cover the Basic Concept of the API, API Security Testing and OSS tools for the Application Security Testing and here we will also talk about the CI/CD Implementation of the DevSecOps Strategies in running app and the demos will all be shown in order to securitize the application and application testing in the real world.

Vishwas is a technophile who believes in "Security lies with the hands of implementors" and is a community advocate in a company called opstree where he practices shift left and guard right practices with a lot of DevOps practices and fundamentally understands that there is a need to change the way we think pipelines thus he believes that practices, when evolved in an organization, is a win-win situation for an organization.