Improving GraphQL Client network performance
2022-12-18, 14:20–14:45 (Asia/Kolkata), E-Hall

GraphQL is a great technology, but in complex application it could also lead to performance bottlenecks and increase bundle size, because of the heavy schema body that needs to be sent in the request body. In this talk i'll dive in the problems and their solutions, using which we can improve GraqhQL client network performance even on devices with low network speeds.

The talk will cover the following things -
- What is GraphQL all about?
- Comparison with REST APIs
- How to calculate network request size
- How to reduce request payload size to improve performance
- How to optimise GraphQL server
- Q&A

Mohit is Senior Frontend Engineer at Razorpay, currently working on their mobile app and GraphQL server. Apart from work, Mohit enjoys, Music and Trekking.