Thinking about Productivity with Google Cloud's DORA and Apache DevLake
2022-12-17, 14:30–14:55 (Asia/Kolkata), E-Hall

This talk discusses the advantages of thinking outside the box as an Engineering Manager, CTO, or leader of Software teams in order to improve team abilities and set goals. Developing great software is the result of many efforts that can be difficult to assess, appreciate, and articulate, putting managers in a position where gut instincts can fail for better and for worse. DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) metrics provided by Google Cloud are four key metrics that indicate the performance of a software development team. In this talk, we'll go through what DORA metrics are and why they're important. The audience will gain practical insights into building a dev team with higher velocity and stability using the power of DORA and Apache DevLake.

Here are few things you can learn as an attendee:
1. Why do we need to think about Engineering Productivity
2. Good vs Bad practices
3. What is Google Cloud's DORA?
4. Implementing DORA with Apache DevLake
5. Conclusion: Long-term benefits of better Engineering processes and techniques

Joshua is a Developer Evangelist at Merico and Lead Developer Evangelist for Apache DevLake. Joshua has experience driving successful community initiatives and is also an advisor to several startups driven by developer communities. Joshua's academic background is in Computer Science, with an additional experience in Leadership, Public Speaking, and open-source technologies. Joshua's work has been featured in top newsletters and events in the space. He has also hosted various podcasts and panels with open-source leaders and creators. He is passionate about mentorship and driving career success and personal growth for young professionals in open-source.