The art of Googling and Life changing experience with Open Source
2022-12-17, 10:45–11:30 (Asia/Kolkata), E-Hall

I would like to share my journey from being a scared, shy, and student from small village to getting multiple opportunities in IT industry

In this session I will talk about -
I will share my journey coming from small village, fighting lots of odds and how Google have helped me to reach where I am today.
How I used Google as my mentor/guide to make self aware of the opportunities, building strong profile and network. Googling have helped me more than expected - I would like to share how I gained knowledge about DevOps, SRE and Cloud.
Open Source, How to get started ? Open Source events & programs, Sharing my Open Source Journey
Experience of being GSoC mentor & mentee.

Sagar Utekar
Open-source Enthusiast
Site Reliability Engineer @VMWare Software India PVT. LTD.
Google Summer Of Code Admin, Mentor, Mentee
CKS | CKA | CKAD | Terraform certified
Mentored 5000+ students & professionals across India for Career Guidance, Job search, Open Source, Cloud Computing