Building Android widgets with Glance framework.
2022-12-18, 16:10–16:55 (Asia/Kolkata), F-40

In this talk, I will be talking about Android Widgets.
Android Widget history, types, their limitations, some best practices, and recent changes introduced at Android 12. We will be using Glance Framework to build our Widgets.
This talk is for Android developers who have recently started with Android, and this talk can be beneficial for some experience Android Developers as well.

Widgets are there since the start of Android and recently some big changes have been done by Android Team at Google. They have released Glance, a Framework to build beautiful Android Widgets with the support of Jetpack Compose.
In this talk, we will learn how to create android widgets using the traditional XML way using Android SDK and what changes have been done at the Glance Framework to ease the process of building widgets using Glance Framework.
The talk will include the type of Widgets available, which one suit best to your use case and how we can build them.
If you are an Android developer, looking to create something new with Jetpack Compose or you are a developer who just started with Android, this talk is for you.
This information will help you to add a Fancy touch to your all Android apps.

Associate Android developer at MutualMobile, loves building apps, games, and art.