Jetpack Compose in Android
2022-12-18, 14:50–15:35 (Asia/Kolkata), F-40

Jetpack Compose is the latest UI developing tech in native Android from Google. The way it has revolutionised the world of native Android, it has become one of the must-learn tech for any Android developer today.
I'll be covering the basics of Compose in my session and explain the concepts with live coding. This will help the audience to start building apps from scratch. I'll also touch some advanced and important concepts of Compose.

If anyone is into Android app development or thinking about starting it, he/she must shift to Compose - Android’s recommended modern toolkit for building native UI.

One can quickly bring your app to life with less code, powerful tools and great compatibility with Kotlin APIs. Less code, Intuitive, fast development are some of the benefits of Compose.
Companies like Hotstar, Lyft, Twitter and Airbnb have already shifted to Compose.

In this session, I'll cover the basics of Compose that will help the audience to start/shift to compose for UI development in native android. I'll be live coding to explain the concepts with examples.
Advanced topics will also get touched during the session.

SDE @ Disney+ Hotstar, ex-Samsung.