ML Engineer goes DevOps via MLOps
2022-12-17, 15:50–16:15 (Asia/Kolkata), D-2 (Vikram Sarabhai Room)

This talk and lecture are dedicated to helping those transform their careers by generating more awareness around patterns and concepts that stay the same and what is transferrable, to more modern approaches.

The talk will cover a brief story of my Machine Learning as well as Data scientist story and why I decided to change careers, still retain the same set of Development + Operations knowledge, and dive into areas of Cloud Native, Kubernetes, and microservices architectures. Other things mentioned in this talk:
- Why DevOps
- DevOps roadmap
- Machine Learning issues that diverted me towards MLOps and DevOps
- Cloud-Native tools
- Pathways to get to these technologies
- Career prospects and what people are doing in these roles today

I am a Developer advocate at, and a Community evangelist running Keep Up as well as the DevOps community to empower students as well as professionals to achieve success in their careers. I am actively participating in various conferences as a speaker and panelist to bring awareness around DevOps, Security, and Application networking.